Windows 10 Mobile was recently released with a long list of compatible phones that got the update. How do you guys and gals feel about the phones that are excluded from that list as well as the ones that were added? I\’ve seen a number of complaints from people using the Lumia Icon and the Lumia 521. When Microsoft first announced Windows 10 for Windows Phone they told its users that they would make every phone compatible, which didn\’t exactly go as planned. This could be a bad thing but it could also be a good thing. If Microsoft excluded older devices this could save both of us time by eliminating devices with hardware problems. If most users had a Windows Phone that was compatible with Windows 10 Mobile but had sluggish results based on hardware, the user would be frustrated and complain about the product giving the update a bad rep. I personally think it isn\’t a bad idea to update to a Lumia 640 or any other well priced yet compatible Windows Phone to enjoy the update. Honestly, I think that all low and high end devices should get the upgrade but without all its features to ensure the software\’s stability. How do you feel about your device(s) being left out? How do you feel about the update itself?

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