I am staggered by how slow windows 10 is. I have a Dell i5 laptop. I switched it on today to do some work – it couldn\’t open an Excel file! Instead of the resources of the computer being for the user to use, it is simply doing its own thing, sucking up all resources in the process. It\’s got the anti executable process running, office 365 update running, windows updates running, disk at 100 percent and it\’s been that way for half an hour. Yup, half and hour and it can\’t open an excel file in that time. Truly why they don\’t stagger these things so a user can actually use the laptop is beyond me. Chrome book next time… Google may spy on every word but at least I can type them!

Why don\’t you learn to control your own machine? You can defer updates via simple setting or even set your working hours so it installs AFTER that time. The built in AV can also be configured. I\’m also gathering that your machine has a standard hard drive and NOT an SSD. Consider an upgrade as that one change can literally transform a machine. Especially if your drive is a 5400rpm snail. I\’m amazed at how fast Windows 10 can be. …and then your post makes sense as you\’ve mentioned a Chrome Book. Why not a mac? Ah, yes, they\’re falling out of favour and are no longer cool. Your usual Chromebook will have an eMMC drive at 32Gb, not that much ram, which will cost a silly amount of cash for what you get. You\’ll then have to spend time getting to grips with it (Which won\’t take that long). P.s. Your Dell is probably filled with crapware, fresh from Dell, which a clean restore would resolve. Blame Dell for that not Windows 10.

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