I just got Windows 10 and plugged in my Lumia 928 to check out the Phone Companion app. It told me to choose my phone: Windows (yay!), Android (boo!), iPhone (boo!). I selected \’Windows\’, unsure why it couldn\’t figure it out for itself which phone I\’m using. Then it brought me to a page saying "You\’re ready to go with your Windows 10 PC and Windows Phone: No setup needed", and then had a list of apps for me to "choose an app to see all the things you can already do": Windows, Cortana, Photos, Music, OneNote, Skype, Office, Outlook. I clicked each of them one by one and it told me what I could do with them (like a basic introduction to each service, whereas I was expecting it to tell me how I could use those things in the Phone Companion app). And…that\’s it? Other than saying my Lumia 928 is plugged in and giving me the storage breakdown and a link to File Explorer, there doesn\’t seem to be anything else to do. Am I missing something? What\’s the purpose of this app?

I think the only thing you can do is sync you photos, though (at least IMO) it does it in an awful way, instead of doing it the way it was in Win8 now it just creates 1 folder per month based on the photos dates and exports them there. I preferred having a "WP" folder with different folders inside it like "Camera Roll", "Saved Images", "WhatsApp", etc.

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