Alright so I noticed that I had a virus called "svcvmx" in my pc and i tried everything safe mode ,changing permission , anti virus (this resource is already in use)I\’ve tried everything to remove this virus nothing worked Then I open "msconifg" and I picked "diganostics" for boot up now whenever I open my pc the login page is blank(can\’t enter password nothing is showing only the power button and internet which isn\’t connected) I\’ve tried "Shift+restart" and that didn\’t work I honestly tried everything even the diganostics option when clicking "f12" I have dell window vista Any solution ?

Did I read correctly, you are using Windows VISTA ???I really urge you to change it, it\’s one of the worst ever.Even Windows XP is better. Now, back to your problem, try this:- turn off computer completely- turn on computer, wait just a few seconds, start pressing F8. F8, pause 1 seconds, F8….. and so on- the Windows boot menu should appear, select Safe Mode or Last Known Good configuration.- if it starts, try to use System Restore to revert back a few days/weeks, when it was working.

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