Is there any way to install/upgrade to 10 Pro without all the crapware preinstalled? I mean, does a business end user really need Store, XBox, mail, calendar, Solitaire, etc, etc……??? I end up spending 15-20 minutes each computer to remove all that crap, and customizing the start menu to hid much of the uninstallable garbage. Then I \’ve actually seen where updates reinstall them! I\’m hesitant to start pushing 10 to our corporate clients who are still using, and are very comfortable, with 7 Pro. Yes, I\’ve been using 10 since before it was release, but see no sense in having all this extra baggage installed.

Don\’t quote me because I haven\’t seen such a thing firsthand nor do I work in IT. (or in any career yet) But I\’m pretty sure a company could modify an install and deploy that to many computers?

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