Hi! I am using a Microsoft Surface Book with a windows 10 pro. All the sizes of my desktop icons, text and browsing experience is ok. But when i use my software applications like: Adobe photoshop, illustrator, viber, etc., they are waaay too small to read and use. Is there any way I can change the resolution or size of these applications without affecting the size of my desktop icons and text? Thank you so much,Ninay

I am having the same problem and have not figured how to fix it. AOL desktop 9.8 is the worst offender. Despite the put downs from many on using aol, it\’s email system works great for me as I save messages of interest/importance into folders on my computer. I also like the way I can search the emails and address book works great. So, I want to be able to get this problem solved so I can use this Surface Pro 4 while on trips, etc. and be able to see these applications without going blind! Just as an aside, I copy the backup folder contents between computers in order to bring all the emails over to the other computers.

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