Hello!I recently bought a new Surface Pro 4 and used my MS Account that I use for my PC and also used for my previous Surface Pro 1. The thing is, that nothing is being synchronized on the Surface Pro 4. Stuff like Wallpaper, Edge passwords and favorites, not even the profile pic is being displayed in the settings-user account page. It worked before on any other PC I tried this on. I tried resetting the device, switching to local account, I even replaced it with a new one (for a different reason) and it\’s still not working. Apps work normally, like Mail & Calendar, Groove, Store,…. they also show my profile pic.I tried to change my wallpaper on my PC to "force" a sync but it didn\’t help. Then I changed my wallpaper on my Surface, also nothing.So my question is: Can I somehow force a sync with a command in the console or something like that? syncpage.jpg

I\’ve also had issues with this after my most recent wallpaper change, and just had to change it manually on my other laptop.

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