Hi, I\’ve an eight years old Thinkpad T410 which is totally healthy and runs well and handles my jobs (and I still love it!). But it has a serious problem. Its maximum tolerable temp is 105. But it force shutdowns 4 or 5 degree before reaching its maximum (Prime95 stress test). It runs well under windows 7 but just cannot handle the situation in the case of windows 10. Normally, I set its performance on 99% which disables Turbo Boost, but I want to find a way to unleash its maximum power. Any idea? Thanks

You’re telling me that under stress, it’s reaching 100 C CPU temperature? It shutting down a few degrees before what I assume to be the maximum temperature on paper is a safety measure unless there are details I am missing. I have a T400 myself and I’m not sure I’ll be able to get it up to 100 C if I tried. And can you confirm OS is the only difference and not something like thermal paste age?

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