Recently installed Windows 10 Single Language in my PC, after some days, when I turned up my computer, BIOS normal screen showed up and after that a fully black screen showed, I could not use the mouse and in the keyboard I could just use Ctrl + Alt + Supr to reboot.So I tried with the Repair System Tool that was shown after some reboots but it did not fix anything. HOPEFULLY I had a Restore Point created, so I decided to turn back my computer to that RP. That fixed it. That happened tbis Sunday 15th. Today Tuesday 17th same tbing happened.I want to know what is causing this problem and how can I fix it.Also, first time I got the problem, I was using my Pc as I normally do, and it just sbutdown and reboot, from that point I got tbat black screen .Hope someone can help me. THANKS IN ADVANCE

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