Hi guys, I just installed Windows 10 and see a huge drop off in the boot time and shut down times. I have an i7 laptop with the OS partitioned on a SSD drive. Windows 8.1 would take 10-15 seconds to boot up. This isnt the case here, right after the logo displays, I get a blank screen for a good minute. The laptop is fine after booting up, no lagging or heating issues so far. I really don\’t want to clean install, just because the AMD drivers for my gfx card are a pain in the rear to properly install. Also reading people having this issue even after a clean install. Anyone else having the same issue? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android

I\’d say give it some time. The first time I opened my laptop (which has an i7 processor and does NOT have SSD) it took over a minute. Two days later and 5 or 6 restarts later, it takes less than 15 seconds to boot up and load the desktop.

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