Why on Earth must we in South Africa ALWAYS be in the back of the que when Microsoft introduce stuff. We cannot get the Surface Pro here. We STILL do not have Cortana available! People in other countries can get it on their android phones already but my Note 4 reports that my country is not supported yet. Hell, I used to HATE Apple, but I know their stuff WORKS! Maybe I must just ditch Windows and go to Mac. Siri works here WHY NOT CORTANA. How long MS must we still wait? Is our money not good enough to enjoy features that YOUR citizens enjoy?

You\’re not alone at the back of the queue. Anyone who doesn\’t live in the U.S. , India, China, or the big E.U. 5, is right there with you. While most people in Europe now at least have access to Cortana (alpha), most countries do not. Not much consolation, I know. Just saying…

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