i had created a storage pool on either won 8 or 8.1. i think it was on 8. i currently have 4 1.5 tb external hard drives in the pool. i hadnt used them for a while as i had gotten a server. but i still have those 4 hd almost full. i had upgraded from windows 8.1 which they werrte last seen working with. now i am running 10 and plugged them into same pc but upgraded and doesnt show up in "this pc" however today i open disk managment and i got this messagestoage-pool.pngwhat do i do i dont want to loose all my stuff or make things worse

Hi! Here\’s a video that might help! Have you right clicked the drives and given them a dive letter? You have a lot of data.Welcome to Windows Central. Let me know how things go for you! The drives have to be Initialized before they are recognized. Maybe other members will have more replies latter!

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