My Windows 10 PC takes 3 minutes to load the time (lower right corner) and another 2 minutes to load Google Chrome (I clicked the Chrome icon as soon as it appeared). I have no idea why it happens, I keep my PC clean (scanned it for viruses (Avast and Malwarebytes), cleaned it (CCleaner, Wise Registry Cleaner), defragmented (Auslogics Disk Defrag) and at the end checked for latest drivers (Driver Booster and Drivers Cloud).I tried to troubleshoot it, looked into "startup tab" in "Task Manager", checked "Event Viewer" – lots of exclamation marks and question marks (solved almost all of them, it didn\’t do anything…) PC specs:-CPU- Intel G1620 2×2.7GHz-MOBO- MSI H61M P20 G3-HDD- Segate 160GB-RAM- No idea.. DDR3 4GB-GPU- GTX 560Ti (Overclocked)-PSU- Chieftec 500W-WIN 10 PRO x64 That one HDD is split into two partitions:-Boot- 50GB – 19GB Free-Everything else- 110GB – 34GB Free I hope that someone will be able to help me. Can\’t think of any more things that you would like to know… oh, yeah the OS was upgraded from win 7 and I deleted the old OS, but it\’s not the cause, because even with win 7 the boot time was the same.. I was too lazy to do anything with it. Ps. Sorry for any mistakes, but English is not my native language. 🙂

Your HDD is the culprit. It\’s just slow, period. Now, you can either look into buying a better performing HDD or invest in an SSD. That will require you to do some research to determine what suits your needs best.

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