The continuous flip flopping from Microsoft in platform support and unwanted changes in user experience is too much .. I have had it with this .. Windows 8 was supposed to unify app development then it was 8.1 and now it\’s 10 ?? what should I believe ? Despite being the exact same development tools MS is moving their prime app core os support up the food chain leaving needed appsfor win 8.1 smouldering in the dust left behind. I do not WANT windows 10 installed on ANY of my devices but then I have to accept the lack of groove music, candy crush and loads of other apps not because they cant be made to run on RT or Win 8.1 but because MS simply decides to push for 10 .. Microsoft is not in a position to dictate OS choice any longer .. When trying out Linux Mint 17.3 I discovered how many Steam games that ACTUALLY run on linux and that got me on the spot. I\’m tired of the paid bloggers going all in on praising Win 10. As a long time tech myself I find it hard to support a forced os with open security issues and consumer data mining build into it. The fact that no one seems to care about their personal data is even scarier. I do ..

Alrighty then. Good luck with that.

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