I\’ve just done (i.e. been forced to do) Windows Update (KB3140743), and yet again, it has killed Cortana. Cortana has been working fine for over a week now, after much hair-pulling, and what do I get after the latest update? Back to Cortana being non-reponsive, and freezing my entire computer when I click on the microphone! And the Start Menu back to be unresponsive too. Really? Really?!?! I\’m getting totally fed up with having to sort out Cortana after every stupid update – come on, Microsoft, stop forcing buggy updates on us! At least fix the outstanding issues first! ETA: By the way, if you are having the same issue, you need to go to your Device Manager/Sound, Video and Game Controllers, and then you need to roll back the driver for Conexant Smart Audio HD. It appears to be the thing that causes Cortana to freeze up. And you have to do this after every damn update because MS keep updating the driver to one that is not compatible with Cortana.

Is the update breaking the mic? You can\’t expect apps that use the mic to work if the drivers don\’t work.Been there, done that.

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