Just restarted my Windows 10 Desktop and the system restarted at least 5 times then on the splash screen I cannot get into the screen to log-in. My mouse lights flash on and off and anything I press on the keyboard does nothing! Ctrl-Alt-Del – nothing. I cannot get past splash screen at all to log-in. So somehow this latest Insider Preview Update totally rendered my Desktop useless. How can I fix this? I could not even get into the \’Boot Order\’ screen – when I pressed the F8 key it again went to the Windows 10 splash screen. PLEASE HELP!! Update – so I have TRIED EVERYTHING. Undid windows updates, restored to a previous restore point, ran multiple anti-virus and adware programs, deleted keyboard drivers and reinstalled, tried different keyboards, uninstalled programs, checked keyboard settings, tried different USB ports – everything. Checked online searches and tried their solutions and STILL my external keyboard(s) do not work. I was able to get into the system at least using the on-screen keyboard but I still have no explanation of why I cannot get any keyboard to work with this. Any other suggestions would be great and I will update here if I find the cause/solution. Thanks!

try unplugging the power cord for a 30 count, plug back in, reboot then try shift f8 keys to get into safemode.

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