I hope this forum can help. I\’ve tried several others. My Win 10 Update function is not working at all. There are over 100 updates saying "Waiting for Download." The progress bar stays at 0%, even when there is nothing else running at all. I ran WindowsUpdateDiagnostic, and it said "service registration is missing or corrupt." It won\’t say which service it\’s talking about. I ran SPF /scannow and it said no integrity violations. I ran DISM /scanhealth, /checkhealth, and /restorehealth, and they said "no component store corruption detected" and "restore operation completed successfully." I did all the steps in "Reset Windows Update Components" and they all completed successfully, but nothing changed except that the list of updates disappeared (they all reappeared as soon as I clicked on \’Updates are available). A search on "service registration is missing or corrupt" shows that this is a common problem, but I\’ve tried everything suggested, and nothing has helped with the problem. The only advice that I haven\’t tried is to re-install Windows 10. I don\’t want to have to re-install MS Office, Kaspersky, etc. Can anyone help with this?

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