I naively removed window 10\’s ability to install updates and had to reinstall Windows v.1803. The install seems to be very successful in that the computer didn\’t loose anything that hold dear, but its start up was extremely slow. I now note that on start up, tons of resources are being used by Compatelrunner.exe. Furthermore, for this service and for other services (viz., conhost, csrss, ctfmon and dasthost) when passing the cursor over them, shows: "Path: Error opening process." Working with services is beyond my level of understanding. So, I ask, how should I handle this situation? Thanks. EDIT:Did a little more Googling and it appears that since the high CPU was being reported by Process Explorer, one may need to launch it as an administrator. I have made it as a administrator and we\’ll see what happens next time I boot up. Also, all the services that seemed to be in error, are now working fine???

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