Recently I had to reset my windows 10 Pro computer several times. For some unknown reason all over sudden file explorer and the start menu wouldn’t open anymore. In fact no apps or programs responded.I think I finally figured out what was causing this.After resetting (once I even formatted C drive) everything works fine for days until windows updates to version 20H2.I am now once again in the same predicament, after windows updated itself to the latest version a few minutes ago and a restart.I can’t even get into the settings menu so I can uninstall the update. System restore hasn’t worked for weeks; it doesn’t keep restore points. What can I do?I am getting rather fad up and tiered with this.It takes days to get the computer up and running to the same state as before the reset again. I don’t want to reset my computer again, only to find myself ending up with the same issue.I very much appreciate any help.

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