Problem has occurred since the October upgrade of Windows 10.I have a Trust powered external USB hub driving my keyboard, external hard drive, webcam and printer.My wireless mouse sensor is plugged into a front USB socket on the PC. That works.When I start up I get the sign-in screen, but the keyboard does not work, so I have to restart, whereupon the keyboard and everything else on the Trust hub works.I have tried out a suggestion of disabling USB power-saving, but it did not have any effect so I have restored USB power-saving.Your suggestions would be appreciated.

Hi ! The only thing that comes to my mind at this time is up dating the USB drivers. You can do that in devise manager. Here\’s how! I have done that before and it helped.To remove and reinstall USB drivers, follow the procedure below. Click on Start, and then Control PanelDouble click the System iconClick on Device ManagerClick the + next to Universal Serial Bus ControllerDouble click on the item(s) listed then choose uninstall. When prompted with Are sure you want to remove click YesAfter all items are removed, close all open windows and restart the system

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