Hi everyone, I\’ve recently installed Windows 10 and since today I\’m having this issue when I edit an existing Word document and try to save it. The error:"Word cannot complete the save due to a file permission error.(C:\\User\\…\\Ongoing Notes\\InfoSoft.docx)" I\’ve noticed that there is a new user account that I didn\’t have before, which is an account associated to my Gmail. However, I\’ve checked which account I logged in before opening the Word document, modifying and trying to save it – and it is an account with theoretically full control. Has anyone had this error? Any ideas on how to fix it? Many thanks in advance!

I\’m assuming you upgraded from Windows 7 and used a local account prior and now are logging in via a Microsoft Account. Basically Microsoft did a bad job at setting permissions on files that were created previously under a local account during Windows 10 setup. Since you\’re not technically logged into your local account anymore, the local accounts permissions don\’t carry over. The \’Authenticated Users\’ group is now what you\’re accessing files under in most cases and giving \’Authenticated Users\’ Modify and Write access will solve the issue. To do this right click on the file -> Properties -> Security -> Select \’Authenticated Users\’ and click Edit -> Check Modify and Write. If that fails, add the account you log in as \’[email protected]\’ and set the Modify and Write properties as mentioned above. Note you can do this on the folder or drive level as well.

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