So which of these versions of Windows is better, Win 7 Pro or Win 10 Pro? I will be receiving my brand new HP Envy 15t quad lap top core i7 6th gen coming in this week, it is going to have Windows 7 Pro installed. I will be coming off from an old 2006 Toshiba Satellite Intel centrino core duo laptop running Win XP, which I might add that I still use it to this day. It will be my first time ever having the Pro version of Windows. So I do have several questions. 1. Will I be able to run programs I have on XP better on Win 7 Pro or could I also run them using Win 10 Pro? Can running XP programs work by emulation on Win 10 pro? 2.Which one is better for games, Win 7 Pro or Win 10 pro? Well I guess the better question regarding games is will Windows 7 Pro have access to DirectX 12? 3.What will I be losing when I upgrade to Windows 10 Pro from Win 7 Pro? 4.What will I gain by upgrading to Win 10 Pro? other than the fact that I will run Windows 10 with the mtero UI/Win 10 apps/Cortana as those benefits I already know about. And as an fyi, it is not my first time using Win 10. I have upgraded family member\’s Win 8 PCs to Win 10, just personally haven\’t used one on a daily basis. Lastly since I will probably be doing the upgrade right away, do I actually need to do a "clean install" of Windows 10 Pro if I do decide to upgrade?

Alright since I\’m in a hurry I\’ll answer the quick questions and I\’ll try to get back on later and answer the rest.Windows XP programs should run fine on Windows 10 but I cannot guarantee they\’ll all work because they won\’t. But then again, they won\’t all work on Windows XP. Windows 10 has been doing pretty good with backwards compatibility from my usage, and I\’ve not had any issues running legacy programs.Windows 7 does not have access to DirextX12And you shouldn\’t need a clean install, especially if you upgrade as soon as possible without putting all your files on the computer first.

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