Now that a large percent of the market has Windows 10 we should really sit back and look at Windows 8. With Windows 10 being a huge upgrade can you compare the two and say Windows 8 was good? I most definitely can. When we look at Windows 8 we see Apps, Tiles and a Robust design. A lot of people disliked Windows 8 simply because of how complex it was and the overall appeal. A lot of people forget that Windows 8 was made with touch screen devices in mind and produces much better results when using a touch screen. The snap feature worked well on my Windows 8 Tablet when I had to watch a video and do work at the same time. I wouldn\’t mind having Windows 10 on a tablet but Windows 8 seems to fit the device more but Windows 10 would be great on a PC or Laptop. What was your favorite feature about Windows 8? Do you like or dislike Windows 8?

I upgraded a laptop to Win8 soon after it was launched. It was hardly the disaster that many regarded it to be, but it got much better with 8.1. I\’d also say that 10 is basically the polished version that Windows 8 should have been.

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