Hi! i created this concept, and i would love to share it here I have so many ideas how to make the start menu on windows 10 better and I got inspired by the new designs so I wanted to make a concept showcasing some of my visions. So I took the windows 10 Start menu a couple of steps forward.hope someone up there can hear me 🙂 ThanksGal

It sure looks nice, which is big. It looks like you have better tile-sizing in your design, and increased accessibility and functionalities there as well, which can be more useful than live tiling. I\’m yet not sure how much fresher it is than my adjustable tablet mode: (Qualifier/limitation: I use W10 only on Surface tablets -I still run W7 on my NUC.) Maybe a video illustration of functions, etc. would be helpful when you\’re ready. Also, I especially miss the accessibility and functionality of the old Start button, and its flexible/adjustable menus: In two or three clicks (touches?), I could access most anything. Maybe it could be designed into your left-margin tools. For your next project, I\’d also appreciate making Edge look and feel like Internet Explorer -particularly the always-there Menu and Favorites bars -and their full functionality, because a menu extension I\’ve loaded is much too limited. Also, the ability to turn off tabs, Please! Keep up the good work.

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