On 30th July 2017, I bought a new HP x360 pavilion 64 bit with OS build 10586.962 and version 1511 single language. I started updating my laptop ever since to Creators Update via running Windows Update. But the Windows update would say "Your device is up to date". So I ran the Windows 10 Update Assistant. It completed the update to a 100% and then it started the update again … This happened around 4-5 times. I ran the Windows Update troubleshooter. But nothing happened. I did everything there\’s online to update this laptop. Now I don\’t know what will work to update .. Seeking help! Thank you!

I believe I am having this same issue except mine is the OS build 10.016299.19 Version 1709….my Windows Hello function suddenly isn\’t compatible with my device…I too would love to get the issue fixed because I love the PC itself.

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