Im trying to set up the Iris option in Windows hello (Beta) and it comes up with an error every time ? I go to sign in options, then go to the Iris set up, then to get started, then enter pin which I have set up, push next, every time it says: Sorry something went wrong, close Windows Hello, then try going through setup again. It seems to be scanning my Iris every time before this error message comes up. Ive only had this phone a short time, factory new, am just going through and setting things up on it. How can I fix this??

Once you\’ve entered your PIN, you should be presented with a screen that tells you to take off your glasses and hold the phone up in front of your eyes. You hit next and it should switch to a view from the front camera and a red light will turn on in the upper right corner of the phone. Do you see any of that?

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