I\’ve read several times that Windows Hello is \’hit or miss\’ or that it is not as fast as entering a PIN. I completely disagee based on my experience. I\’m loving Windows Hello and I think the key is just taking a few days to train yourself not to just \’look at the screen\’ but everytime you want to unlock look directly at the Microsoft logo on the front. The first day I had the phone I, too, noticed that Hello seemed slow to recognize me and wouldn\’t work sometime. When it was slow I noticed that I was looking directly at the center of the screen but, if as soon as I shifted my gaze up towards the camera, just a centimeter or two, it unlocked immediately. Now, I just look right at that MS logo and it is nearly 100% accurate and very fast. Just thought this might help those who are not having a great experience with this terrific feature.

Wow that works really well. I just figured out my biggest problem with hello. I\’ve noticed that when I\’m unlocking my phone it is often as I\’m doing something else, walking somewhere, etc. and not even looking at my phone. Still nice trick.

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