I did a clean install on my SP4 with ISO to the anniversary update. I have single press on pen to open sticky notes, double press to open screen sketch and long press to open one note. If work space opens, it works well. However, 99% of the time, after using it, it does not open again. The pen commands do not do anything (only the long press to open one note works) and even clicking on the ink workspace icon in the task bar does not open anything. If I search manually for the Sticky Notes app , it will open. Only way to fix this is to restart. After restart it will work once then if*I try to use it again later, it will stop working again. P.S updated to .51 and the problem is the same.

Same problem here. New HP Spectre X360 G2 touch with Anniversary update. Ink Workspace stops working, only way to fix is a reboot. Did a clean install to no avail. Thought I was going nuts !

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