The popup window with doesn\’t appear. I\’m using Version 1903 so it should work. EnableClipboardHistory is enabled (1). I don\’t understand why the popup window doesn\’t appear after Windows key + V which is a new feature in the latest versions of Windows. This feature allows multiple clipboard items to be saved and recopied.

I\’m having the same problem. I don\’t know if it\’s related to having my window at 1.25% or larger fonts, because who can see this minuscule type without adjusting? In the past, the pop-up when using Windows + V key would show in the very lower right corner. Either it\’s buried off screen or not working. I changed the % back to "recommended 100%" and reverted fonts to default but that didn\’t fix it. It said some programs would need a reboot to take effect. If I reboot, then I lose all saved copy as I just learned disappears on reboot if not "pinned" from none other than the menu we can\’t see. Obviously, this information is going somewhere and finding the location seems impossible. I\’ve already spent hours researching where Windows 10 decided to obscure and hide these files to no avail. Why a simple app doesn\’t accompany this feature is beyond me. Truthfully, Windows is going downhill in major user unfriendliness and lack of intuitive features. This is not the first time I\’ve had to search and waste hours to figure out how to access or accomplish something very basic. And I\’m computer literate. Woe for those who aren\’t. Please post back if you get sorted out. I posted the same post as you requesting the location of the clipboard on the computer to no avail. It must have some non-intuitive naming convention. The only response I got was to use a 3rd party program called Clipboard Magic which also allows you to maintain different clipboard history, such as one for work and personal. Also, to sync on my phone Microsoft forces you to use the SwiftKey app keyboard which I stupidly did because it doesn\’t sync anything and I lost all the training from my GBoard. This hostility with Google products and Microsoft products causes all sorts of issues for the user too. Good Luck! I\’ve rather had it with the both of them but they are too big to fail. Unfortunately.

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