Hi, I have had this issue for some time, but now that I have the latest insider build and the problem still remains, it\’s about time I sought some advice. I have an outlook.com email account which is fine on phone and on the outlook.com website, but I have an issue with the desktop Mail app in Windows 10 whereby it shows the folder structure as normal including sub-folders that I have created, however the contents of some sub-folders is incomplete. For example, I have a folder where I have put all the emails concerning an upcoming holiday i.e. flight details, accommodation etc. and when I view my Outlook email account via a web browser, I am able to see everything that should be in these sub-folders, but when using the Mail client in Windows 10, it shows just 2 or 3 emails in the same folder, refreshing or re-syncing the folder has no effect. As you can imagine I was quite disturbed when I first discovered this as I thought I had lost a lot email to do with the holiday. If anyone has any ideas on why this happening and maybe a way of solving it, it would be much appreciated.

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