Now that this has been posted over at WC, this has been something that a bunch of people for months have been working on and although I am not a programmer, I helped out as much as I could. So testing this, the install comes from build 10134, with a handful of patched files., and after installed, if you live outside the US, you should get guide data as that comes right from your provider. In the US, our guide data is pulled from Microsoft, that gets it from Zap2it but, now is ROVI…. The thread is here for people who want to follow the progress (You need to register to view the thread fully) [DISCUSSION] Patch WMC to run on Windows 10 final & possible alternatives I know a bunch of people who have this installed but, not sure anyone from the US has guide data working or not. If you installed this as listed directions here… Here is how to install Media Center on Windows 10 | Windows Central You might see this error during TV setup…. guide-issue.jpg If you see this error, it seems to not setup guide data, so you will never have guide data from what I have seen. I tried isos WITH WMC version all the way back to build 10074 and I still get the same error. For those who tried it, does anyone in the US have guide data working ?

Same deal no guide data. Very experienced and have found no trick to fix yet. Thanks

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