1st (The easy one)I\’m owner of lumia 640 lte from Greece and I hear that the expected upgrade to Windows 10 will be 14th of December in my country. Is that true? 2nd Cortana in Greece?? Is it possible to happen? 3rdUniversal Apps such as Facebook, instagram and fb messenger.. We know that they started to build them. Do we know when could we expect them to be available ?? I\’m new to the "magic" world of WP so dont be cruel with me! hehe..Excuse my English 🙂

Your English is fine :). 1) That is supposedly when Windows 10 Mobile hits general availability for other phones. 2) Not entirely sure on that one. 3) We know they are coming, infact the facebook app was updated to 10 and later regressed back to a previous version. Why? We can only speculate in regards to that. Since your new to Windows Phone, drop by the introductions thread and say hello 🙂 (it would also help you to keep track of this thread too).

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