Hi All, I was hoping to get some tips or ideas from others who have been in same situation. Requirements Play locally stored music via DLNA from Lumia 1520 on Win10. My love of WIndows Phone means I bought this as a prime music player for my house surround sound. Want to utilize playlists from itunes to sync to phone. Whats working DLNA From Lumia PLayto works pretty well overall to my Marantz amp. Had to make screen on no timeout so streaming doesnt stop after 10mins or so. Syncing of music is mostly ok from Microsoft phone sync software via playlists out of iTunes. A few duplicated songs but will wipe phone and redo again. Whats not working Playlists dont physically show in Groove or Lumia Playto for playing on the phone. I have to play by album or song. Annoying for having friends over. Lumia Playto software is a bit clunky and limited. However it seems only software practically usable. Would prefer to use Groove. Perhaps its better to get an amp with a Bluetooth connection? But i prefer quality of DLNA. Any tips or ideas of what others have done would be awesome. There isnt really an Apple device with the storage I want but it would be so much easier to just go to Apple TV. Android would also be easier due to better syncing and more DLNA software. However both of these arent Windows Phone hey:) Thanks

Doesn\’t Groove have the ability to import iTunes playlists? Does this help you? https://www.thewindowsclub.com/impor…sic-windows-10

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