Windows Mobile 10, you\’re like that kid that has so much potential, but somehow gets in trouble all the time.Every time I am ready to give up on you, I look again at your schoolmates. Right is the kid who has rich parents and always goes around with a big smile and all the latest shiny gadgets, and everyone goes oooh – aaah when he walks by. Left is a bunch of kids who all look the same, they\’re not special in any way, you can barely tell them one from the other because they wear different clothes. But hey, they\’re good kids in the end. And then there\’s you. You could do so much, you could be so unique.For a while you do great things, and you even behave doing so.Then one day I wake up, and you stop talking to me.You break my stuff.You mess up your room.No matter how many times I told you how much I cared about that picture or that notebook, you screw with them.I ask you to do something, and you turn your head the other way.I have something urgent to do, and you get in my way in all the ways you can. You have so much more potential than the other kids, and yet you squander it with whimsical behavior and random outbursts of ADHD. So I finally have enough, I am ready to give up on you……and the day after as I am walking you out of home, there you go – well behaved again. Windows Mobile 10 is a test of fatherhood, it is…

The title of this thread had me curious, but what you wrote here was great.

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