Ok, been using WP and WM10 for a while. Always the extra authenticator enabled. Resetting the phone required a code to be entered. You would receive either text or email. Loved this. I updated my my 640 last to the latest WM10 build. Unfortunately the Reset Protection went from simple to straight bullcrap! It asks for a 16 digit code that I can\’t get because this phone hasn\’t shown up on the acount.microsoft.com. Tried calling MS but every time they transfer me, it\’s to an entirely different company! And they have nothing to do with Windows phones. Help! Either a way to get into my phone or a number to call. Thanks in advance.

The \’extra authenticator\’ isn\’t the same as Reset Protection! The latter is if your phone has been stolen and the phone has been locked. The authenticator app is https://forums.windowscentral.com/e?…token=5d6-HB14 About two-step verification – Microsoft Help

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