windows 10 mobile is already a massive upgrade and big improvement compared to windows phone 8x. Microsoft\’s bold move about making \’\’ one windows \’\’ unified user happening with windows 10. And it is helping close app gap on windows mobile also. Windows 10 offers a single codebase for creating apps across devices. Meaning now devolopers can get more audience and money by their universal apps. Devolpers of pc apps can now easily create mobile , xbox , band apps. It\’s very hard for devolopers to ignore the huge userbase of windows 10. Meaning more quality universal apps = more revenue = more devolopers = more users / more quality universal apps = more users = more revenue = more devolopers onboard . With unversal app platform windows store revenue is already increased over 4 times. Many devolopers doesn\’t brings their apps to wp cause they can\’t afford they expense, because wp store revenue is very low. So devolopers doesn\’t waste their time and money. But hopefully this has to change with W10m, cause of some app porting tools ! Firstly : Project Astoria and Islandwood which will port Android and Ios apps directly into Windows mobile. Secondly : Project centennial and project Westminster which will port Windows 32 apps and web apps into W10M. It eqauls that we can use Android apps-games + Ios apps-games + web apps-games + Windows 32 apps-games + of course our native-reliable apps-games. This will cause a huge bump in apps-games on Windows 10 mobile. Hurrah ! Lots of apps ! We can enjoy both Android or Iphone and desktop specific goodies (apps-games). But they can\’t use our (Wm,desktop) apps. More apps-games variety than Android / Iphone ! ! it\’s a big plus point for Windows 10 mobile over Iphone and Android. Too much fun ! Just keep your eyes open and see what happens next ……….

Windows 10 seems to be getting so much praise, I\’m not that fussed about it… Of course its more powerful across platforms but just the general look and usability.

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