Reading Jason Ward\’s article about Microsoft\’s new approach to mobile devices, I get the impression that the HP Elite X3 has the correct hardware to run Windows on ARM – or however it is going to be called. Full windows on mobile device with phone. This junk makes my head spin….x32…x64..UWP…..ARM processors….Snapdragon 820 etc. My question is this. Will any device currently available run this new shell? The 950XL has the Snapdragon 810, if memory serves me one of the videos in the article said Snapdragon 820, the HP Elite X3 has the 820? Is it the development of the software that we are now waiting for? What\’s the skinny?

Good question! I don\’t think anyone really knows. It would make sense though, if Microsoft really saw Windows on ARM as the next big thing, to launch this with a whole new family of hardware devices for mobile. This could, most likely, be the much lusted after Surface phone.

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