Hello, Just updated my Lumia 1520 to Windows 10 and I need some help on a couple of things so I thought I would come to the best place on the net for advice. 🙂 First thing, when I use the browser, and I go to type in a website, or search term, after I have pressed one letter, a whole list of suggestions appears on the screen. Is there any way I can turn that off? I was able to turn off the auto suggestions on 8.1, but I can\’t figure out how to do it on 10. Also, the notification sounds. Before, when one was pressed, it automatically played, so you could hear it before selecting it for a particular app. Now, when I select one, it won\’t play, it just selects it. How can one play the sounds on the phone before selecting them? Is there some setting I am missing or something glaringly obvious I have just over looked? Thank you for your time, From Sarah 🙂

Hey, Sarah. Try this for the suggestions in Edge.Open the Edge browser. Click on the three dots at the bottom right. Open Settings. Scroll down and open View Advanced Settings. Toggle the "Show search and site suggestions as I type." off. Hopefully, that\’ll do the trick. And the notification sounds….What I\’ve learned with W10M and choosing Notification sounds is that it\’s all about finger placement. In order to preview the sound, you have to press exactly on the little arrow to the left of the sound\’s name. It\’s been very finicky for me, but it works. Pressing the actual name selects the sound for use. Pressing the arrow is supposed to preview it for you. My 640XL is very finicky with this. Probably, half of the time, pressing the arrow just selects the sound. My 950XL is a bit better, but previewing the sound is still difficult at times. Hope this helps.

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