Due to a manufacturing issue I recently ended up swapping back from my Android LG G4 to an older Nokia Lumia Icon (929) running Windows 8.1. I had sorely missed some of the simple feature of Windows Phone (calendar, messaging, and minimalistic design). However, I also noticed that in my two year hiatus from the OS next to nothing has changed within the app marketplace. In fact if anything additional apps have even disappeared. My question being: is the application store for Windows 10 any different than that of the apps that are available for my current temp Nokia Lumia Icon Windows 8.1 device? Or is what I\’m seeing on the Icon the same as what I would see on a Nokia Lumia 950 XL/HP Elite X3? I\’m disappointed to see that many mainstream apps are sorely outdated in comparison with their iOS or Android counterparts. I have yet the opportunity to play with Windows 10 on a mobile device and am hoping that the lacking marketplace is isolated to the Windows Phone 8 OS? Any thoughts from fellow Android/Windows Phone users and your experiences?

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