Picture this���. Microsoft mobile repositioning themselves in the market to cover more than just business. Business people need down time too! With all of the gaming studios that closed like Fable�s Lionhead Studios. Pool those resources to create an exclusive Microsoft Mobile gaming division. Create exclusive Xbox Mobile games of improving quality. Within that division figure out how to stream/emulate Xbox/360/ & One titles to both surface tablets and Mobile phones. Maybe they could use a piece of the Azure cloud to support it. Your Windows phone could make calls, send text, skype, and now be an Xbox on the go. That type of device would directly compete with both Nintendo Ds and the PlayStation Vita. Microsoft could also create an exclusive app that enables the Windows Phone to become a controller for those carrying Surface/ Surface Pro devices. Waste no device! LOL. That would give you a smaller form factor for travelers instead of toting a complete Xbox one controller. Heck if you wanted to, you could even create an adapter that would utilize your phone if you need the feel of a controller. Develop a mobile charger to support a set up like this. Maybe a backpack with integrated battery. Make sure you can charge both the Windows Phone and Surface/Surface Pro with it. You could also put solar panel in the bag to charge as you commute if you are outdoors. Last but not least, make it compatible with Continuum. Oh Yeah, you could also create an Xbox app for Iphone and Android users but make them pay an access fee to access the gaming features like office 365. I know. I know. I am dreaming. Do any of you think that this would help Windows 10 Mobile?

It could but it\’ll take a lot of resources to get the games going and I don\’t think Microsoft cares anymore to put in much else beyond minimum effort at this time, especially since the business sector is where they probably have the biggest advantage and that could clash with the Xbox image. But I do think it can result in middling success, but that\’s assuming it\’s done right, which is unlikely.

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