Hi chaps, Hoping you can help with this one… Basically, on all my Windows 10 devices in the Xbox app: Lumia 950Linx Vison tabletWindows laptop None of my Windows phone achievements appear in the list of achievements, this is happening for games that I\’ve 100% and those that are in progress. Achievements are unlocking and syncing to Xbox live as they are appearing on www.trueachievements.com. I\’m also able to view them online in my profile at www.xbox.com, but the achievements page takes ages to load… If I view the game in the list of My games in the Xbox app, the trophy icon will disappear. The game\’s logo also does not load. If I compare (using the app) my list of played games to someone else I know has played the relevant game, it will appear that I\’ve not played it, until I click compare, and either it will then show that I\’ve played the game and then show unlocked achievements, or the Xbox app will crash. This behaviour is observed in the Xbox app on my 950, tablet and the windows laptop. A weird thing is, if I view my profile on my 360, I can see all my Windows phone games. Has any observed anything like this before? There are two things I can think of that may have caused this behaviour… In December (like a moron), I transferred my gamertag using my 360 to a new microsoft account, stupidly not realising that all Windows phone purchases are tied the original microsoft account and I\’d need to repurchase games/apps using the new one. I then worked out I could sign out of the store using my new account, and sign back in using the original account and download everything. I\’ve experimented using the Redstone builds on my 950 and they\’ve seemed to be reasonably stable, but for the last month or so I\’ve gone back to 10586. Tablet and laptop are running 10586.218, 950 is running 10586.107 Hoping you can help!

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