Seeing all these news about NYPD switching from Windows Phone to iPhones reminded me of my own work place and its clients (I work for a Managed Services Provider so I know what many businesses are using).We\’ve been using Windows Phones (Mostly Lumia 650s /735s) and now they\’re all being replaced either with Samsung Js or iPhone 6Ss. The main reason is that Microsoft has simply stopped producing and selling phones, but there are many other reasons such as them simply being laggy, buggy and (as most users would complain) lacking apps & having terrible UIs. I think at this point consumers and even businesses have lost all faith in Microsoft\’s Mobile efforts.How Many times has Microsoft rebooted Windows Phone?1) WM6.5.3 Pro to WP72) WP7.8 to WP83) WP8.1 to W10M (Yeah yeah a handful of devices were able to upgrade, but they\’re no longer supported and they used to say that all WP8.1 devices would get upgraded.)Why? Why so many reboots? There could have easily been just ONE reboot. They could have changed the kernel at the same time they abandoned 90% of WM Pro features for the sake of live tiles. And if they actually wanted to keep the market share and apps, they should have just built WP7 Tile UI on top of WM6.5.3 Professional, the same way they built the Start Screen on top of Desktop in Windows 8. VERY POOR PLANNING! Now while I don\’t believe them, some rumours say that Microsoft is thinking about (or is already in progress of) rebooting again (Full Windows with C-Shell)?It\’s not gonna work! You can\’t keep abandoning your users over and over and expect results!This late into the Smartphone world NOBODY is going buy a yet another new OS with no apps (and no market share to warrant the development of apps) from a company that has had 3 failed attempts at modern Mobile OS (old School WM was decent for its time). Some may say "Oh but if you care about apps, then you\’re not the target audience for the magical "Surface Phone"".Yeah? And who is? Enterprise? Which company is going to buy a ~$1000 device that has no mobile apps and can MAYBE run desktop apps when docked or whatever from a company with a history of mobile failure? CEOs? Ha! CEOs of all people will definitely be using iPhones and iPad Pros, even if other employees use cheap Lenovo laptops.What\’s left then? Windows Logo worshipers? How many of them are there? A thousand at most? Apple has an infinite legion. Maybe a few rich masochists (including myself, not that I\’m rich lol) would buy such a device, but nobody else. Not enough to support such a device. Windows Phone is dead. Not only as Windows 10 Mobile, but as a concept and an idea in general. The name has been dragged through mud BY MICROSOFT so much that it stinks way worse than the love child of Internet Explorer and Bing (I actually liked IE11, but that\’s not the point). Even if Microsoft paid billions to Google and Silly-Millennial-Social-Media-App-Companies to support a new Windows Phone, nobody would buy it due to terrible reputation. Microsoft\’s options are, as I see them:1) Support Android and iOS with Microsoft apps while abandoning all plans for their own OS and focusing their attention on post-smartphone technology (I bet this is what they\’re doing at this point. I do not believe in the so called "Surface Phone").2) Release an Android Device with a Microsoft skin and a tile-based launcher, while still supporting iOS obviously. It should also include Google Play store no matter what, instead of being some forked droid that nobody will use due to an app gap. Whatever this Microsoft Android device might be called, it should not have the word "Windows" ANYWHERE NEAR IT! I\’ve been using NOTHING but Windows Phones since Windows Mobile 6. If I wasn\’t so masochistic and optimistic I would have jumped ship to Droid as soon as Microsoft unveiled that Featureless-iOS-Wannabe-WP7 as a replacement for Windows Mobile 6.5.3 Professional. You even had to sync WP7 via Zune! If that, combined with lack of basic features and walled garden, is not copying apple of its time then I don\’t know what is! Now I must say that I still love full Windows and other Microsoft products, just not Windows Phones. Not anymore‚Ķ Waiting for my pre-ordered Note 8 to arrive now and not looking back. __________________________________________________________________________ TL;DNRMicrosoft has rebooted WP so many times without success that the reputation of a Windows Phone as a brand is dead.Nobody is going to buy one no matter how many times they reboot it. The market is lost and it is too late.They need to either move on to other upcoming technologies or release an Android Phone without Windows Branding anywhere on it. /Rant

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