Hy,Im windows phone user since WM8 and until now I love it. I have lumia 650 a year and half, everything was fine since one month ago. Download speed from Store is so slow, in most of cases download is not completed. Same thing with phone updates, it stuck at 1%. A week ago I did Hard reset and it was fine. Store was downloading fast again. Now I have the same problem again for few days and it drives me crazy. No matter what Im using, WIFI or data connection (3G or 4G). I try everything I find on internet. Clean temp data, soft reset, disable automatic time zone.And I only use default apps that comes with windows 10 mobile. The only 3rd party app I use is contacts & sms backup. Can you help me with this problem? Any ideas? Thanks.

I have the same problem. Information about phone/Windows:Lumia Windows 10 version 1703, build 10.0.15063.540Model RM-1152_13769Firmware

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