Broke my lumia 1520 months ago changing the charging port with a new replacement from ebay. So locally i picked up a blackberry priv (had one originally after I dropped my passport but thats another story). In short android IMO is completely inferior other then having access to my banking app. Its a laggy operating system that seems to push older phones into oblivion with each update. So I said screw it and looked for a new windows phone, another 1520 international came up locally and I picked it up. Not only does this thing run smoother overall on dated hardware but it never jams up and battery life is way better. Immediately yet again in my travels servers at restaurants and so on are asking me about my phone, "what phone is that it looks great", etc. 99% of people I come across didnt even know windows made a phone. I even had a guy ask me where he could buy one. In short I will hang onto to windows phone as long as possible, there is no reason not to at this point, the apps I use like facebook and messenger work great, plenty of music apps, netflix. Microsoft really blew it, mobile is the future and they just seemed to have sat back and watched it all fall, they were even ahead of BB1O phones and things were looking up.

Nice. Sounds all too familiar. Had a Pixel XL this week for about 24 hrs, as I was trialing that and trying to get my 5.5" screen fix in. Using a Lumia Icon atm. Sold it two days later. I also own a iPhone 6s plus at the moment, as I am part of the TestFlight for Nine mail on iOS. I was debating to use it all this week and had my sim in it last night till this morning, and then popped it back to my Icon. I am trying to patiently wait on the newest Elite X3 that is to be compatible with US Verizon Wireless. So I can get back in action on a newer better phone. Just in my eyes it is taking to dang long :).

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