Anyone working with a computer every day will try to perform simple tasks as quickly as possible. Always using the mouse cursor to find the right buttons for selecting, copying, and pasting is time-consuming. There is a faster way. All you need to know are the relevant Windows shortcuts. These are keyboard shortcuts that you can use to perform commands quickly in Windows that you would have otherwise need to use the mouse to perform. The keyboard shortcuts for Windows 7, 8.1, and 10 found in this article will help you save time and be more productive.


  • How do Windows shortcuts work?
  • General Windows shortcuts
  • Windows shortcuts for window management
  • Windows shortcuts in applications
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    SSL certificate24/7/365 supportHow do Windows shortcuts work?

    The concept is quite simple. To execute a specific shortcut in Windows, all you need to do is press the right keys at the same time. In the following overview, we will connect the keys required with a “+”. Hold down the key found before the “+”. Then, press the key found after it. To ensure this overview is easy to understand, here are the most important keys:

    • “Ctrl” – This key is usually located at the bottom left-hand corner of the keyboard.
    • “Shift” – This key is used to capitalize letters and can usually be identified by an arrow pointing upward. On many keyboards, there are two “Shift” keys: one to the left of the letters and one to the right.
    • “Windows” – This is the key with the Windows logo and can usually be found to the left of the space bar.
    • “Alt” – This key can usually be found to the left of the space bar. Be careful not to confuse this key with “Alt Gr”.
    • “Alt Gr” – This key can be found to the right of the space bar. It is not an essential key, so it may be missing on some keyboards.
    • “F1-12” – The function keys are located at the top of the keyboard.
    • “Tab” – This key is usually located on the left-hand side of the keyboard and can be identified by its two arrows pointing towards each other.


    You can download and print the following tables as a Word document. Just place the overview of the most important Windows shortcuts next to your computer. If you use the shortcuts regularly, you will soon find yourself using them automatically.

    General Windows shortcuts

    These Windows keyboard shortcuts will help you with general use of the operating system.

    ShortcutAction78.110F1Display a help windowXX-Windows + F1Display a help window (online search in Bing or Edge will open)–XWindows (or Ctrl + Esc)Open the Start menu; start search by typingXXXWindows + LLock your PC-XXAlt + ShiftSwitch between input languages (if you have more than one set up)XXXWindows + AOpen Action Center–XWindows + BCall up the taskbar notification areaXXXWindows + EOpen File ExplorerXXXWindows + FOpens the search window for files and foldersXX-Windows + Ctrl + FSearch for computers on the networkXXXWindows + IOpen Windows settings-XXWindows + KConnect to devices-XXWindows + POpen dialog box for displaying on other monitorsXXXWindows + QOpen Cortana–XWindows + ROpen the “Run” dialog boxXXXWindows + SOpen search–XWindows + TSwitch between apps on the taskbarXXXWindows + UOpen Ease of Access Center in the Control PanelXX-Windows + UOpen Ease of Access Center in Settings–XWindows + XOpen the Quick Link menu-XXWindows + space barPreview the desktopX–Windows + space barSwitch between installed input languages-XXWindows + Alt + EnterOpen Windows Media CenterXX-Ctrl + Alt + DeleteCalls up links to lock the computer, switch user, sign out, and open Task ManagerXXXCtrl + Shift + EscOpen Task ManagerXXXWindows + plus sign (+)Open Magnifier (zoom using Windows + plus sign (+) and Windows + minus sign (-); exit using Windows + Esc)XXXWindows + numberStart the app pinned to the taskbar in the position indicated by the number (or bring it to the front)XXXWindows + Shift + numberStart a new instance of the app pinned to the taskbar in the position indicated by the numberXXXWindows + Ctrl + Shift + numberOpen the app pinned to the taskbar in the position indicated by the number as an administratorXXXWindows + HomeMinimize all inactive windowsXXXWindows shortcuts for window management

    These Windows shortcuts make it easier to organize your open application windows

    ShortcutAction78.110Windows + DDisplay and hide the desktopXXXWindows + MMinimize all windowsXXXAlt + F4Close active window/appXXXWindows + , (comma)Temporarily peek at the desktop-XXWindows + left/right arrowMaximize the active window to the left/right side of the screen and keep it thereXXXWindows + up arrowIncrease the size of a small window; maximize a standard-sized windowXXXWindows + down arrowDecrease the size of a maximized window; minimize a standard-sized windowXXXAlt + EscSwitch between all open windowsXXXAlt + TabDisplay an overview of all open windows (press “Tab” again to switch between windows)XXXWindows + TabSwitch between all open windowsX–Windows + TabSwitch between apps (not on the desktop)-X-Windows + TabDisplay active applications side by side–XWindows shortcuts in applications

    These Windows keyboard shortcuts will allow you to work faster in open applications such as Word or File Explorer.

    ShortcutAction78.110Ctrl + SSave fileCtrl + ASelect allXXXCtrl + XCut the selected itemXXXCtrl + C (or Ctrl + Insert)Copy the selected itemXXXCtrl + V (or Shift + Insert)Paste the selected itemXXXCtrl + Alt + VPaste the selected item and open paste optionsXXXCtrl + ZUndo an actionXXXCtrl + YRedo an action or execute the undone actionXXXCtrl + FOpen the search fieldXXXAlt/F10Activate the menu bar in the active appXXXAlt + letterPerform the command for this (underlined or displayed) letterXXXF3 (File Explorer)Search for a file or folderXXXF4 (File Explorer)Display the address bar and listXXXF5 (File Explorer, browser)Refresh the active window-XXF6Cycle through interactive elements in a window or on the desktopXXXAlt + space barOpen the shortcut menu for the active windowXXXWindows + . (period)Insert emojis–X

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