Hello! I have two Surfaces Pro 3.I had to reinstall windows on one of them, and just for try, I installed Windows 8.1 on it (downgraded from W10)And on Start Screen appeared many downloadable applications (just icons) wich I had installed before ON ANOTHER DEVICE. But one of them was "iNui Air Hockey" .. This app is no available on Store for a year..But I clicked on it and installed… And now it works.. LOL How is that possible ?? When I click on "rate app" it doesnt work cuz this app is deleted from store. I think its still on store, but not available for public. Is there any way how to save that app ??? On USB or cut it from app location. I want it later when I install Windows 10 back. Thank you!

As far as I know, it\’s not possible, but it seems you can re-download apps you previously installed through the same Microsoft account. Wonder if they\’ll ever change this, other digital distribution platforms allow for local backups.

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