Hi, Has anyone purchased video content from the Windows store such as a movie or a TV series? I was wondering if purchasing this content provides a downloadable video file (similar to purchasing an MP3 in the music section of the store) or if you are only purchasing a "streaming licence" which requires a first-party app to play such as on Amazon Video or Google Play. The reason behind my question is that I like to own my own content (not tied to a service) and wish to move away from physical media (my Groove library is my own MP3s on OneDrive for example) and wondered if I could do similar with video from the Windows Store instead of buying Blu-Ray discs. Can anyone who has purchased video content from the Windows Store previously advise on the above? If not, does anyone know of another website where video content can be purchased and played anywhere (not through a streaming app)? Thanks.

I accidentally bought a movie title but never downloaded it. I\’ll download it and see what happens.

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