store.jpgI have tried downloading apps from the windows store and this is what I get. Can anyone help me with this. What I have tried so far.

  • Change location settings etc
  • Remove programs and other windows store apps
  • Resetting the store app
  • Tried downloading other apps
  • Signing out and back in

Nothing works, Does anyone have the same problems or know how to fix it? This is getting way too annoying and I cant even enjoy the windows experience. Yes I have looked online for help and Youtube, but nothing that solves this issue. Any help would be great.

Hi! @ xdesdx! This link seemed to work for some PC users. You seem to be a knowledgeable PC user. You might give this a look. After several searches, this is what I came up with? I don\’t see any thing that would hurt your OS! Might give it a shot! Go to Microsoft website and hit the Run button. Doing this will download a program on your computer. Install the program, this will allow Microsoft to check whether some preset values are correctly specified on your system. If not, Microsoft will change it for you.Microsoft website and hit the Run button https://solutions.diagnostics.suppor…-337fca72c533#

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