So just out of curiousity, I went to check out the new PWA based twitter app on my windows 10 mobile. Obviously notifications wouldn\’t work because it doesn\’t have the service, and it won\’t work offline (because it doesn\’t have the service), but it did seem to load, without the edge browser UI on my phone (ie in an app-like fashion). Which if we get a lot more PWAs over time, does kinda seem like a plus. I didn\’t log in, but it\’s definately the same web app. Kinda a shame there is no service for notifications. Otherwise this would be the perfect bridge between win10m and andromeda….(obviously some people won\’t want a foldable tablet/phone hybrid, or be able to afford it, but by the time I want to upgrade my phone, which will be ages away, I am sure I will)

Anyone want to help me Test notifications? I doubt they will work but retweet or reply or something to this and ill find out:…396857856?s=20

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