I had an old canon printer a couple years ago that I long discarded. I also went through the process of uninstalling the printer driver through the printer section of windows 10 setup as well as uninstalling it through the Canon installed software in the all apps section of windows. I did the best I could to make sure all parts were removed before donating it to a friend. My friend still gets a windows update message indicating that the Microsoft still no longer has an updated version of this canon driver available. To this day, Windows Update still attempts to try to update this ghostly installed driver. Does anyone know where to find this ghostly driver and remove it once in for all? Other than poking around the registry is the only place I haven\’t tried. I appreciate any advice.

Is the printer listed in the drivers tab of the Print server properties? Go to Devices and Printers in Control Panel, click on any printer, and then click on Print server properties in the bar near the top, in the area where you see Add a device, Add a printer, etc. Go to the Drivers tab and remove the printer if it\’s there. Another option is the show or hide updates troubleshooter and try to hide the update so Windows Update doesn\’t try to install it.

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